This course will meet weekly with Dr. Race on Thursdays from 12:30-1:20  (location TBA)

Class sessions will be devoted to reading and discussing articles and texts pertaining to contemporary Russian culture in the original Russian. The schedule of reading topics is largely determined by the students in advance. Given the contemporary timeframe of the course, it is beneficial to have room to adjust the course content as events unfold in real time. Thus, the students will have the flexibility to shape the course as we progress through the semester. By Sunday before the second week of class (09/01), the students should collectively come up with the first month’s topics that they would like to cover. We will discuss in week three possible topics for the rest of the course and come up with a schedule together by Sunday 09/22. In addition to the weekly meeting with Dr. Race, students will have a weekly one-hour AT with Nooruzbai Ibraimov (time and place TBA).