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Panorama: Introduction and Feedback

by Brian Little -

Panorama is a new in-Moodle feature that allows all students to download their course materials into alternative formats such as an audio podcast or in bigger font sizes. When students click the little blue human icon next to their course content, they can then download that content in a format that better suits their specific learning styles or circumstances. For example, the audio podcast option can help students listen to their readings while they run errands or other obligations. The “immersive reader” option allows for students to change the font size of the readings and adjust it to their liking. This feature is for ALL students to use and try out!

The Center for Teaching and Learning, Academic Access and Disability Resources, and Technology and Innovation all want to hear from students on what they think about Panorama. If students fill out this form, they’ll not only help out with this ongoing pilot project, but they’ll also be entered into a raffle for one of three Davidson swag items! Prizes include a Davidson backpack and tapestry blankets. To enter into the raffle, students must put down their email in the Google form. Otherwise, survey answers will be anonymous.

Use this link for an introduction and more information on Panorama.

Email for any questions.