Human Form and Function is a fun course with labs that are even more fun because we will be doing a lot of dissections. My goal for this course is to help you to appreciate the beauty of the organization of the human body and to understand how that precise organization allows it to function in the most optimal way. In this course, you will not only gain knowledge of surface structures, but we will use dissections and anatomical software to peel back layer after layer to expose deeper structures. At every step, we will also discuss how the knowledge and understanding of anatomy is applied to predict function and the loss of function that can result from disease or injury, that is, you will learn direct clinical applications of anatomical knowledge. If you are taking this course, it is probably safe for me to assume that you are interested in a career in healthcare. So, let the fun begin ….! Just a word of caution - this course will require you to spend a lot of time in the lab, preferably with a study buddy, memorizing anatomical nomenclature and medical terminology. The terminology will appear daunting at first, but know that if you pay attention to patterns, the learning becomes easier. The course is so hands on that it is almost impossible not to do well in it!