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  • Welcome to the QLAB Understanding Logs and Exponents Module!

    This module is designed to strengthen your understanding of exponential functions, and their inverse functions logarithms, by giving you an opportunity to see how logs and exponential functions are used in several disciplines, as highlighted in the “Applications” section(s).

    For those of you who feel rusty on this topic, this module is also a chance for a refresher. We would recommend that you start with the "Learn and Practice" section before doing the "Applications" section(s). Quantitative skills are built with practice, and this module is designed to help you practice using real-world contexts.

    After using this module we hope that you will be able to answer the following questions:

    - How are exponential and logarithmic functions related to each other?
    - How do logarithmic and exponential functions help us work with large numbers and put them into context?
    - How do you manipulate algebraic expressions that involve exponents and logarithms?
    - What types of real-world systems are modeled by exponential and logarithmic functions?

    You can navigate through the materials in the order presented; alternatively if you're looking for a specific piece of content or are coming back to the module for review, you can jump directly into the module at any point.

    Much of the material is presented in a quiz format. However, please be aware that you're not being graded and the questions are there to help you deepen your understanding not to evaluate you.
  • Check-In

  • Learn and Practice

  • Applications in Different Disciplines

  • Glossary